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Access for Children

All parents are aware of the potential dangers that unrestricted access to the Internet could pose for children. It is important that your children understand the risks and are sensible in their use of accessing online content.

The extent to which you restrict any Internet access for your children will be based on your own view of their age and maturity. You should have firewall protection software installed on your computer anyway, and normally you can use this to block access to specific websites and types of online content. Virus protection software can also filter out potentially offensive e-mail messages – although neither program is foolproof.

It is always a good idea therefore to keep an eye on what children are doing online as they may not be aware that they are accessing content that you believe is not really appropriate for them.

Your children will appreciate the responsibility you have given them in having Internet access, so encourage them to talk to you about anything which they are concerned about when online.

For further advice on how your child can use the Internet safely go to www.thinkuknow.co.uk

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