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Anti-Virus Software

Installing and constantly updating virus protection software should be an essential part of your computer set-up. The 'always-on' nature of broadband connections means that software viruses can exploit vulnerable broadband connections. By following some basic guidelines, you can manage potential risks and reduce the vulnerability of your computer.

Most viruses are a nuisance, as in automatically sending a message with the virus attached to all e-mail recipients in your address book. Others can be malicious by corrupting or deleting computer files. You must install and constantly update virus protection software.

Having up-to-date virus protection software installed on your computer will also avoid any embarrassment caused by passing a computer virus onto friends or colleagues.

Be cautious with file downloads. Assume that all downloads and file attachments included in e-mail messages could be infected, and ensure that your virus protection software is set to scan all download and attachment files. You should also avoid downloading and running executable files (programs with a '.EXE' file extension) unless you are 100 percent confident of the source.

Virus protection resources

Below are a select few examples from the many virus protection products available:

Norton AntiVirus

The Norton AntiVirus website has details on their different virus protection programs and also the latest news on viruses and software fixes.

McAfee Virus Scan

Another leading virus protection vendor, also with the latest news on viruses and software fixes.

Sophos Anti-Virus

Another leading virus protection vendor, also with the latest news on viruses and software fixes.


A popular, free trial virus protection program.

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