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Benefits in the home

Once you’ve got a broadband connection, you’ll wonder how you managed to use the Internet without it.

Broadband is a more reliable and robust way of connecting to the Internet. Broadband gives you an always-on permanent connection.

Surfing the net, playing games, sending e-mails and digital photographs to friends and family, downloading music and watching movies - are just some of things that you can do online faster and easier with broadband. You can also shop online, use Internet banking, book your next holiday, help the kids with their homework or work from home yourself.

Broadband is normally a fixed price monthly charge irrespective of how long you stay online, which means that you know in advance how much the service will cost you.

Because broadband makes it easier to access resources and removes many of the frustrations of slower connections, people find that they tend to spend more time online and have a more relaxed approach to using the Internet as it easier to use and it doesn't cost any more for staying online for longer.

Broadband makes all of this, plus much more possible. The more you use your broadband connection, the more you will realise the benefits that it offers your personal, family and work interests.

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