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What is a 'Capped' package?

A ‘capped’ package is one where your Internet usage is limited (or capped) to a certain amount. Suppliers normally cap usage in two ways; bandwidth or time.

  • According to the amount of information that you can send or receive though the Internet. This is typically called you ‘bandwidth’ limit. For example, your monthly bandwidth limit may be 1Gb.
    It is important to understand that every time you do something on the Internet, you are eating into your bandwidth limit e.g. every time you visit a webpage, you download information which uses up bandwidth.
  • According to the amount of time that you spend online. For example, your monthly cap may be 50 hours.

When you reach your usage limit, your supplier will either prevent you from downloading further information or charge you for any extra usage.


The benefit of a capped broadband package is that it offers users a low cost option of accessing high speed broadband.


Capped broadband packages are priced according to the connection speed you want and the usage limit imposed. In general, the faster the connection speed or the bigger the usage limit, the higher the price of the package.

An additional cost is also charged when you exceed your usage limit. This is normally linked to the amount of extra usage.

Typical price ranges are:

  • £15 - £30 for up to 2Mb.
  • Usage limits can be anything from 1Gb upwards and once limits have been exceeded, additional usage is around £2 per Gb. Most suppliers will ensure your maximum cost is limited.
  • There are ISPs that will not charge if you occasionally exceed the usage limit but if you regularly exceed you may be contacted about moving to a package with a higher usage limit and typically a higher monthly cost.

A capped package is suitable for users who are not likely to be heavy Internet users, but who wish the benefit of high-speed access.

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