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Choosing a Broadband Connection Speed

Choosing a broadband connection speed doesn't have to be daunting. The following guide will help you understand broadband connection speeds better and make it easier to decide what's right for you.

What do you use the Internet for?

If you spend most of your time sending and receiving e-mails, opening attachments and surfing the Net, then the speed of broadband will not make that much of a difference. With a 512K (ten times faster) broadband connection you should still be able to perform these tasks as quickly as you could with a faster speed.

You'll really notice the difference in broadband speeds if you're downloading.

So if you download music, software or video you can do it quicker with a faster broadband speed. The larger bandwidth gives more room to get the download to you. So if downloading is your passion then it may be worth your while investing in a 1Mb or above broadband connection.

If you have a home network you'll also benefit from higher speed broadband as you'll have more bandwidth to share. So if one person is streaming video, then the rest of the family won't need to suffer slow surfing or gaming.

What broadband speeds are available to you?

Most broadband suppliers offer speeds of 512k, 1Mb and 2Mb. Some even offer broadband speeds of up to 8Mb and 10Mb. These speeds tend to be available for people that live in or near towns or cities. Check with your chosen supplier what's available to your home.

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