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Data Backups

Even though you comply with all the recommended security actions, no computer system can ever be 100% secure. It is therefore really important that you are diligent in undertaking regular data backup procedures – especially if you’ve got important work or school files belonging to the children.

If for whatever reason you are faced with an emergency situation, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you will be able to restore all your key data and possibly only risk losing files that were amended in the last couple of days.

Ideally, you should backup all your data on a daily basis and store the backup media outwith your home in a secure environment. Even if you keep your data backup in your car, it is still more secure than leaving your data in the house where it could be lost or damaged in some way.

In addition to undertaking continual backup activities, you should also do test restores from your backup media to ensure that your backup procedures are correct and that the backup media is not corrupted in any way. For example, every month you could try to restore a couple of files selected at random to ensure that everything in your data backup procedure is working correctly.

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