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Installing a firewall on any computer with a broadband connection is almost mandatory. A permanent, ‘always-on’ broadband connection means that your computer has a fixed identity on the Internet, which could be exploited by rogue software programs or viruses.

A firewall basically sits between your computer and the Internet and acts as a buffer, or safety zone, to protect your computer from any malicious activity. Firewalls can either be software programs or separate pieces of computer hardware. Most home users with a single computer will find that a software firewall is normally sufficient to meet their needs.

Without effective firewall protection, it is almost inevitable that your computer will become compromised at some point. A firewall is therefore a critical element of your home computing set-up. Although installing a firewall may be a steep learning curve, it is necessary to understand the importance of having firewall protection if you have a permanent, 'always-on' broadband Internet connection.

Firewall resources

Below are a select few examples from the many firewalls available:

Norton Personal Firewall

Norton Personal Firewall is one of the most popular software firewalls available and is ideal for home use

Zone Alarm

ZoneAlarm is regularly praised by Internet experts as a highly effective software firewall. There is a free basic version for non-business users and a professional version for approximately 33.

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