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Flat rate fee
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Flat rate fee

What is a 'Flat Rate Fee' package?

A ‘Flat Rate Fee’ package is one where you pay a single monthly charge. This cost remains the same irrespective of how much content you download, how often you access the Internet or at what times of the day.


The benefits of the flat rate fee package include:
  • A constant monthly charge may help you budget more efficiently.
  • You don’t have to worry about exceeding any limits such as how much you can download.


Flat Rate Fee broadband packages are priced according to the connection speed you want. The faster the connection speed, the more expensive the package.

The typical costs of packages range between:

  • £18 - £40 for up to 2Mb - up tp forty times faster than dial-up.

A flat rate package is suitable for users who don’t want to worry about bandwidth limits or the amount of time that they spend online.
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