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Fixed Wireless

If you live outside one of the main urban areas of Scotland, wireless broadband may deliver access where other broadband technologies are not currently commercially or technically viable.

This type of broadband is delivered to your home through a radio signal rather than a cable or telephone wire and provides you with all the usual benefits of broadband.

Fixed wireless broadband uses an aerial fitted to the outside of your house, it requires 'line of sight' between your home and the wireless base station, the focal point for sending and receiving broadband signals between all houses and businesses in the surrounding area.

Fixed wireless broadband is a relatively new form of broadband service, not yet widely available across Scotland. It may be possible for communities who would like to have broadband to get a fixed wireless solution on a small scale if they live in an area that doesn't have access to ADSL or cable.

You can find out what broadband technologies are available to you at home by entering your postcode into the 'Suppliers in your area' section at the top of the page.

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