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With online gaming you can play games via the web against gamers from across the world, in real time. Online gaming is usually played in two ways. Either through installed games which use an available web server, or on a website which provides smaller mini games to play with against others.

Broadband allows you to get the best out of the online gaming experience ultimately because of the speed through which you access other websites. The action is fast and intense, there are fewer delays and stalled graphics, and no more disconnections halfway through a game.

The widespread availability of broadband has resulted in a huge rise in global competition and the number of ‘virtual’ games leagues that span the globe.

And it’s not only PC players that can join in the fun. Gamers are able to hook up their games console, such as Xbox Live! or Sony Playstation, to the Internet. This enables them to challenge other players online to live games. Gamers can even communicate with each other through a headset while online, and have the option of setting up a private conversation forum at the same time.

You can also use your broadband connection to download alternative levels and accessories for a number of games, not just live enabled ones.

Interesting Sites

Please note Broadband for Scotland is not responsible for the content held within these sites and a listing does not act as a recommendation in any way.

Games.com allows you to play online versions of the world’s greatest games.

Shockwave allows you to choose from a large number of quality online games and films.

Miniclip offers interactive flash games, humour and animation.

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