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Broadband for Home
Introducing broadband What it costs How to get it
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Flat rate fee
Pay as you go


What it costs

Choosing a broadband package can seem
a daunting task. It needn’t be. As long as you’re
clear about your needs, and the differences
between the packages offered by suppliers, it’s then
just a case of choosing what’s best for you.

We’ll assume that you’ve done your research into what broadband is and are familiar with common broadband terms. You’ve also short-listed possible suppliers so now it is a case of choosing the right broadband package. This section describes the different packages available and typical costs.

Ultimately, your broadband package will depend on your need.

If you don’t want to worry about bandwidth limits, go for a flat rate fee package.

If you don’t think you are a ‘heavy internet user’, but nevertheless want high-speed access then a capped package may be worth considering.

If you only use the Internet occasionally then a pay as you go package may be best.

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