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Software Patches

With a permanent broadband Internet connection, it pays to keep updated with the latest security alerts, bug fixes and patches. Firewalls and up-to-date virus protection software can eliminate many of the security concerns associated with broadband connections. However, your computer's operating system and applications may contain some 'holes' or 'bugs' that a hacker can potentially exploit.

Software developers such as Microsoft only release products after they are happy they have been tested to the best of their abilities. Once the software is in use, however, 'holes', flaws or bugs are found that can be used by the determined-minded to gain access to computer systems.

You should constantly monitor your computer for any unexpected behaviour such as not loading some programs or rebooting for no apparent reason. This could be an early warning that your computer has been compromised. Prevention is better than cure. It is therefore of critical importance to be aware of new software patches and fixes for your operating system and software and ensure that new patches are instantly installed on your computers.

Software patches resources

Microsoft Bulletin Site

Microsoft's Bulletin site lets you download the latest patches and upgrades for Microsoft operating systems.

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