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Pay as you go

What is 'Pay as you go' package?

A ‘Pay As You Go’ package is one where you pay for what you use.

Charges are not linked to the amount of time spent online, but rather are based on the amount of information you receive or send through the internet.

Suppliers tend to offer various packages that differ on download speeds, contention ratios, minimum monthly charges or the amount of data usage that is included in the ‘base price’.


The benefits of a pay as you go broadband package include:

  • It is ideal for those not ready to commit to regular broadband contracts.
  • You only pay for what you use, so if you use less, you pay less.


The cost of a Pay As You Go Broadband package is normally divided into two elements:

  • The ‘minimum charge’. This is the basic charge you pay and it will include a certain amount of usage. Prices for a 512Kbps connection start at £12 for 400Mb of usage.
  • ‘Additional Charges’. This is the charge you pay for any additional broadband usage above your base usage. This charge will be per Mb or Gb of usage. Most suppliers will also ensure your maximum cost will be limited.

A Pay As You Go package is suitable for occasional, rather than heavy, internet users.

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