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Broadband for Home
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Self-Assessment Tool

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The Broadband Self-Assessment Tool will help you decide if you would benefit from a broadband connection at home.

Answer the following questions and we'll give you a short report on whether broadband is likely to benefit you and what actions you should take next.

Even if you don't think your home needs broadband, take a few minutes and answer the questions. You may find that broadband access could have major benefits for you and your family.

Broadband Decisions
All fields are mandatory
  Less than 1 hour a day More than a couple of hours a day Constantly throughout the day
On average, how long does your family spend online each day?

  Only 1 More than 1  
How many people within your house require Internet access?  

  Will decrease Will stay the same Will increase
Is your use of the Internet likely to change in the next 12 months?

  Less than 15 per month 15-30 per month More than 30 per month
How much does your existing Internet access cost per month?

Select all the different Internet services that you either use at present or are likely to use in the next 12 months





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