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Broadband will bring an end to the frustration of surfing the net. Broadband makes the Internet fun to use!

You no longer have to wait forever for websites to download. Complex sites with lots of graphics can appear almost instantly and web searches are much quicker.

Broadband also removes the frustration of losing your Internet connection midway through downloading a file or sending e-mail messages. Broadband is a robust, ‘always-on’ Internet connection that simply allows you to get on and enjoy the online experience to its full.

Interesting Sites

Please note Broadband for Scotland is not responsible for the content held within these sites and a listing does not act as a recommendation in any way.

Google is the most popular search engine with neat features such as the ‘image search’.

Musicplasma is an innovative search engine that provides great information about your favourite artists.

Dealtime.co.uk allows you to search for products and compare prices.

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