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Video / Animation

Downloading video – including animation, movie, news and sports clips - is quicker and easier with broadband.

With a dial-up connection it can take hours for video files with jerky images to reach your screen, but with broadband you only have to wait minutes to watch smooth video.

You can see the latest movie trailers, download and watch entire films at your leisure and watch favourite sport and highlights all online without interruption.

Before you get started you’ll need a media player. And remember, most video is protected by copyright, so be sure that what you’re downloading is legal and above board by following the rules on any sites you access.

Interesting Sites

Please note Broadband for Scotland is not responsible for the content held within these sites and a listing does not act as a recommendation in any way.

The Movieflix website has films, documentaries, comedy’s and countless other categories.

ROO TV provides Entertainment of every nature, animations, game reviews and previews, travel information and documentaries.

From Eastenders clips to the latest film trailers, the BBC Broadband website has it all.

Expand your appreciation of world TV at Worldwide Net TV.

Catch the latest movie trailers at Virtuetv.

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