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Broadband for Home
Introducing broadband What it costs How to get it
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Introducing broadband

Broadband is a high-speed Internet
connection that gives you and
your family:
  •  Faster access to Internet resources
  •  Music, video and games over the Internet
  •  Reduced file download times
  •  Always-on Internet access for e-mail and messaging
  •  A flat-rate monthly fee for the service

The Benefits in the home section gives you information on some of the different things you can do from home with broadband Internet access.

Broadband is actually a range of different technology options such as ADSL and cable modem, which are available in different parts of Scotland. The options basically come down to where you live in the country.

You can find out what broadband technologies are available to you at home by entering your postcode into the 'Suppliers in your area' section at the top of the page."

Download "Your guide to Broadband" (pdf, 164KB)

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